Robert R Basso
Robert Basso

As VP of Advertising and Corporate Marketing, Robert helped Sony Corporation of America develop the second most recognized global brand. He helped introduce such breakthrough consumer products as high-definition television, Digital Photography and Portable Digital Recorders.

Working for both consumer and broadcast groups, it was critical to develop lasting relationships. Consumers conducted transactional purchases and dealers and broadcasters were instrumental in establishing new standards by embracing technologies and systems. As a corporate executive, he helped develop long-term competitive advantages by bundling product and merchandising programs with leading organizations such as the NFL, CNN, NBA, the PGA and Disney to name a few. After leaving Sony to launch KickStart Marketing, he helped clients re-think their business strategies as they worked to generate new revenue. To ensure their success, it became critical to narrow the gap that exists between corporate business

objectives and how that direction is understood and acted upon by their customers, clients, and the sales force. Clients such as Lincoln Financial Group and BMW benefited by understanding customer and dealer needs as they generated new revenue by re-inventing how they do business.

His experience on both the corporate and client side is what identified the need for ClientMatters. “When you understand your clients’ needs, and place their interests before your own…you’ll both be more profitable’.

Robert has a degree in public relations from West Virginia University and has been a guest lecturer on international marketing and advertising at the Stern School of Business at NYU and Baruch College in New York. He has won a Clio and numerous art directors awards for television radio and print.

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