Perception Matters

Customer satisfaction survey determines how clients rate your value and service

Client expectations may be extraordinarily high, but it’s still their “perceived” value that your company has to address. We identify attributes of key Touchpoints in where and how your clients interact with your company. This creates the foundation for our Client Experience Audit, and each audit is based on what’s important to your business and your clients. And before we ask your client how you’re doing in these key areas, it is important to survey your own company to assess just how well you think you’re doing.


1. Most often, we think we’re doing better than our clients say we are.
2. Only 43% of executives surveyed believe their company deserves their clients’ loyalty.


What matters to your business is both how well your company thinks you’re doing and how well your clients perceive you’re doing. And to find out, we ask.

Once we complete your internal client experience audit, we compare your responses to those of your clients. The difference between “perception vs. reality” is what we consider The Gap, and The Gap in many cases can be both eye opening and threatening to your business. All findings and information discovered during this audit are strictly confidential.


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